Paul Russell

Paul Russell is an internationally performing musician, independent music teacher, and workshop leader whose passion is connecting hearts with the musical arts. He is a fine guitar player, loves to sing, and also enjoys playing ragtime piano, ukulele, and any number of many-stringed things. More importantly, he is a Creative Catalyst and Musical Guide here to help you connect with Creative Flow and connect through Creative Expression.

Paul's intent is for his students in The Musical Mandala to develop a Deeply Felt Understanding of musical relationships through an holistic approach integrating body, voice, and mind. Through this process, students develop increased resonance of voice, clarity of mind, mastery in musicianship, and confidence in innate creativity. 


Paul guided me to listen more to my inner being, to trust myself, to improvise, and to play from the heart.” -Pauline D’Halluin, Musician/Student

“I’d played the music notes thousands of times before, but never really felt them until working with Paul.” -Linard Van den Bossche, Songwriter & Performer/Band Leader

“Paul is a remarkable person of rare talent. He and his music are a mixture of genius with a touch of quirk, the perfect combination for teaching someone how to learn music and have fun while doing it.” -Tara Lee Walling, Songwriter/Performer

Call or text: 970.585.4867